DY Patil Shantiniketan


Every year principal had to select books from market and it was taking at least two weeks of key teachers and principal’s time. Teachers had to create complete lesson plan and annual plan. There were no standard plans and no training of curriculum; this was impacting student’s performance because of old pedagogy.


Global Me Product GCPL’S Nurture International is a school-based program that provides "World Class Curriculum" It is complete with on-going diagnosis, teacher training and support to implement a 21st century education. It is the world’s first education program designed on the principle of ‘Compete with You’. The Assessment are taken from head office, they provide 100 hours rigorous training, standardized annual and lesson plan for a year and also equip with readymade teaching aids


Delivery of books and assessments on time was a big challenge so more support was required from institution in first year.


GCPL helped in improving the brand of school and student understandings. It also helped and increasing student’s performance and admission numbers of school. It helped teachers a lot as their time for planning and all was saved. It was more focused on oriented learning and reducing the weight of a child’s bag. Consolidated report was provided to principal, teachers and school management.